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Waltz For Eva And Che lyrics


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     Waltz For Eva And Che
    >> Madonna
    Tell me before I waltz out of your life
    Before turning my back on the past
    Forgive my impertinent behavior
    But how long do you think this pantomime can last?
    Tell me before I ride off in the sunset
    There's one thing I never got clear
    How can you claim you're our savior
    When those who oppose you are stepped on,
    Or cut up, or simply disappear?

    Tell me before you get onto your bus
    Before joining the forgotten brigade
    How can one person like me, say,
    Alter the time-honored way the game is played?
    Tell me before you get onto your high horse
    Just what you expect me to do
    I don't care what the bourgeoisie say
    I'm not in business for them
    But to give all my descamisados
    A magical moment or two

    (Che and Eva:)
    There is evil, ever around
    Fundamental system of government
    Quite incidental

    So what are my chances of honest advances?
    I'd say low
    Better to win by admitting my sin
    Than to lose with a halo

    Tell me before I seek worthier pastures
    And thereby restore self-esteem
    How can you be so short-sighted
    To look never further than this week or next week
    To have no impossible dream?

    Allow me to help you slink off to the sidelines
    And mark your adieu with three cheers
    But first tell me who'd be delighted
    If I said I'd take on the world's greatest problems
    From war to pollution, no hope of solution
    Even if I lived for one hundred years

    (Che and Eva:)
    There is evil, ever around
    Fundamental system of government
    Quite incidental

    So go, if you're able, to somewhere unstable
    And stay there
    Whip up your hate in some tottering state
    But not here, dear
    Is that clear, dear?

    Oh what I'd give for a hundred years
    But the physical interferes
    Every day more, O my Creator
    What is the good of the strongest heart
    In a body that's falling apart?
    A serious flaw, I hope You know that
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